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A Console Table Refresh

You may remember the makeover my console table got a few months back. Well, it had to get another one after Christmas because I finally got what I’d been wanting all along...

A record player!

When I originally put the console table in that spot, I think I knew I wanted a record player eventually. I also wanted a particular portrait vase to go there too but it broke upon arrival and the replacement vanished into the void... sad times.

To make room for the record player, I had to move my Harry Potter books which was a lot more emotional than I expected it to be...? I really loved where they were because I don't have another great place to display them, but there wasn't another location for the record player either. ::sigh:: My books will find another home eventually.

Anyway, I shifted my plant to the left and giraffe figurine in front of the lamp to make room for the player in the middle. It just barely fits there, but it'll work. It's growing on me, but I may move it to the left in the future.

Now I just need to get my "crackle" collection started!



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