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Simple Fall Floral Styling

Can we take a moment to be proud of me? I put the tiniest bit of effort into my non-existent fall decorating this year and it almost has me tempted to go all in!

Originally, I had planned to buy some fall flowers from Michael's to replace the pink ones that have lived in my faux greenery wall patch since early 2020. The peony bouquet that I grabbed was so pretty and I guess part of my brain wanted to see what it might look like in a vase. Well, mistake.

The problem was I had some 18 month old dried eucalyptus living in that vase and (for whatever reason) can't seem to throw it in the trash. So I decided I was going to make them live together in happy harmony. Little did I know that would actually work and I loved it even more!

I dropped in the peony bouquet first and placed the eucalyptus sprays around the outside. I tucked a few between the peonies as best I could without damaging them since they were somewhat brittle. It may be better to use fresh or faux eucalyptus so it's easier to manipulate.

Now, I just need to decide if I need to go back to Michael's to grab another bouquet to finish out my original plan, or to consider this my fall masterpiece and call it a day? 🤔 lol!



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