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Console Table Revamp

My mind has officially decided I’ve bought too much decor and now... now I‘m ready to get rid of a lot of it. Evidently I over-appreciated how cute some decorative accessories were and returned home with nowhere to put them, so the few surfaces I have are all crammed with things.

No more! Marie Kondo cleaning here I come!

I think I prefer a more minimalist style. Looking at a bunch of stuff gives me anxiety and makes me feel like I’m on my way to becoming a hoarder, so I’m clearing as much stuff out as possible and doing a mini “style” reset.

The first area I wanted to hit was my small console table. The lamp there was small, I had too many candle holders on it, too many books, an incense holder, anniversary flowers.... just too much. It was an ever changing landing pad for my latest purchase. Needless to say it wasn’t looking good.

I only made a few simple changes. Because, you know, can't really go out into the world to get anything at the moment. And also, trying to go minimalist.

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I changed out my lamp because that was bothering me the most. It was short and didn't match anything anywhere anyway. Bye bye! I bought a fillable lamp (my god that thing is IMPOSSIBLE to screw back together!) that added the height I needed. I moved my stack of Harry Potter books to the other side for balance and added some flowers on top. The giraffe and garland were re-homed from the coffee table (another area that was crammed with stuff) and I tossed in the greenery ball because it was homeless, lol.

The art is a temporary filler until I can figure out what I want to put there. The space above it needs something and I also have a vase on the way, so it may get switched up. I know the look isn't minimalist, but I'll let it slide for now. 😉



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