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Small Patio/Balcony Decor Idea

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All my life I've lived in apartments. Well, most of my life, particularly my adult life. The balcony at my last apartment was brand new, huge, and amazing but I didn't use it (which I really regret). Even though my current balcony is barely big enough for one person, I wanted to create a design for a small space that could still be beautiful.

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Naturally, I was drawn to black and tan decor because that's (unofficially) what my interior color scheme is. I guess you could consider it a modern look with wicker accents? Something I think always makes outdoor spaces extra comfortable is the addition of a rug and lanterns so it was a must that I add those.

If Texas weren't so hot, I might consider giving my balcony a summer makeover! I'll have to keep this idea in mind for my next place!



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