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Neutral Nursery

As adorable as nurseries are, I never put together design boards for them. The main reason being because the one time I did make a board for a nursery, many people I knew immediately were like "Oooh! What does this mean??" You know the pressures of married young adults. Someone is always asking "When are you going to have kids?"

Yep, it only took that one time for me to stop making them so I'd no longer give anyone false hope.

Well, today I dipped into that area again after coming across The Tot for the first time. I just couldn't resist because the few things I saw were so cute!

So, here's a (very vague) gender neutral nursery idea! Since I'm really into black right now, I think this would be a style I'd lean towards.

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I may just try some more of these designs in the future if I can keep them under the radar from hopeful eyes, lol! Nurseries are just the best!



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