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N-Visible Intro

Hi! I’m Nicole! And as you can see, I’m already off to a painfully corny start with post titles. And blog titles for that matter.

I am not a fan of introducing myself by any means, so this intro post will basically be invisible because I have no intention of announcing it to anyone. So if you’re here, that means you came searching for it. Stalk much? Lol! Kidding.

Anyway, for the basics: I have a degree in design & work full time in commercial design. I think I’m a very non-typical designer. I prefer the technical side, so working in Autocad and drawing floor plans is where my heart is. I also move almost every year (military household) therefore my home is constantly changing and will undoubtedly have you wondering if I stole my degree, lol. But I’m trying to do a few minor things to make each place more home-y than the next!

I’ll be honest, I don‘t know what I’ll be sharing here, but hopefully whatever I decide to do will be entertaining or helpful to you!



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