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Modern Kitchen, Color Pop

Every now and then I get a wild hair in the evening and decide to jump into a creative session. And that evening always turns into a late night/early morning because I can never stop! That was the case this weekend.

Originally, I had set out to do a living room board but then my brain said “You know what? You’ve never done a kitchen board, let’s give that a try!” So I changed course shortly after I started.

I opened my faithful app, Procreate, and started my search on the internet for basic kitchen finishes. Since I was only trying to get an idea of how I could lay a kitchen board out, I didn’t have a design theme in mind (although, most of the time I never do whenever I get into these creative sessions).

I was going to stop a little before this point, once I got a decent idea of what I could do:

But no.

Of course that “simple” idea went right out the window. Once I added the cabinets and attempted marble counter tops, my head started thinking of all the other things I could try. Adding in an appliance, an island, ooh! a backsplash!, etc. Then all of a sudden I threw in some “walls” and had to fill the blank space with art, lighting, and a (goofy looking and horribly drawn) window. And naturally I had to put at least one or two decor pieces in for a realistic touch.

One quick “test board” turned into many hours because then I was flip flopping back and forth between Procreate and another app I’m trialing, testing layers and techniques. But the outcome was worth it and pretty good for a first attempt!

So, there's my weekend masterpiece! I hope it gives you inspiration!



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