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Dream Apartment Living Room

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Being someone who moves around a lot, most of the time I can only dream about my perfect room. I've only ever been an apartment renter so I’m not able to rip out ugly bathroom fixtures or kitchen cabinets (which would be the first thing I'd tackle in this place). And because I move so much, I try not to acquire heavy or expensive furniture because I don’t want it getting damaged or broken while moving and then have to find a replacement. So, until I’ve settled somewhere, I’ll have to sit tight and dream.

This weekend I dreamed of redesigning my living room. First of all, it’s the weirdest living room I’ve had by far. I have one “usable” wall. One side is all wall, one side is (basically) full windows, one is stairs with a small wall, and the other is a partial separation wall between the living and dining room. It’s space planned strangely and makes my existing furniture a struggle.

So, let's hop into an alternate reality where I’m Nicole of Infinite Funds, lol!

In my dream space, I brightened up the room using light, neutral colors, with black and wood tones as accents. I added in a small sectional instead of my sofa and loveseat to eliminate a dead corner I currently have. The wall behind my sofa is like 18 miles long, so I’ve added large scale art work and sconces to fill the space. In my living room now it’s all carpet, but the updated units have hardwood floor, so I layered a rug over that for comfort. And since it’s Texas and 210 degrees, a fan is a necessity, but a nice stylish one unlike the drab old white one I have now.

My favorite addition to this room is actually not in the room, it’s the city view outside the window. I really wish I had that, instead I’m just looking at the other buildings in the complex.

Overall, I LOVE this space! I wish I had the money to make it a reality right now, but hopefully one day! Until then, I hope you save it and use it as inspiration for your own space if you’re looking for a change! You can find all products sourced below!

Additional sources: Modern Rug



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