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Console Table: Final Look!

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

I’ve finally finished decorating my console table! It’s had so many random things added to it in the span of 2 months. That’s the problem when you’re furloughed for 2 months, lol!

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It was an absolute tragedy before. Nothing made sense. I was just adding whatever I had recently bought and putting it on there. I don't even want to talk about it. I don't want to relive those embarrassing days, lol!

(Before, obviously)

I rearranged many things in my apartment to get my final look. Some things moved from my coffee table, some moved from the bookshelves on my landing, and some things are new, but I think I’m finally happy with it all! I do have a few vases I’m waiting for in the mail, which may move into this area, but we’ll see. I’m happy with how it is and don’t want to change it!

I honestly love so much about it! I love how everything on the top gradually slopes down from right to left. I couldn’t block the light switch, but I like how it’s kind of “incorporated” in the scene. I’m a symmetry loving lady, so the middle shelf is a dream. I needed a place for my World Market candle holders and filled the void space with filler topiary balls. My beaded garland had to be moved so I experimented with weaving it along those elements. I added hyacinth baskets to help hide some stuff I had exposed before, so now it's less cluttered! Yay!

The best and my favorite thing of all? The map! Someone I follow on Instagram had purchased a map a few weeks ago and I was toying with the idea of getting one for the space, but didn’t want the same one. Of course, Instagram's creepy brain stalker to the rescue, an ad came through on my IG for 3D maps from Street Carvings for my city and I bought it immediately! (Well, almost immediately. I contemplate things for a few hours, lol). It was the exact type of thing I was looking for. Perfect size, dimensional, and personal to me. I already want to buy more!

So there we have it! The final (for now) look at my console table area! Now I can finally move on and maybe focus on the dining room!



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