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Black & Modern

Something I always find fascinating is discovering my design style via all the home inspiration pics I pin on Pinterest. If someone were to ask me what my style is, I would say modern. I think? But not cold/minimal modern. So maybe it's transitional? Who really knows. It's probably more eclectic since I don't like sticking to any style in particular.

What makes me laugh is how my apartment looks nothing like any of the room inspirations I pin. Now, that could easily be because I don't have $5,000 to spend on one piece of furniture. And also because I move every year, so I make sure everything I buy is relatively lightweight/portable. I don't like working out enough to have strength to lift 300lb pieces of furniture every year, lol.

Other times I discover my design style is whenever I'm putting together mood boards for fun, like the one below!

I must really be into black right now. I love this black & modern look consisting of Joss & Main furniture and accents with a Lulu & Georgia rug. I would absolutely makeover my master bedroom for it to look like this. My husband would probably like it too because he is the king of the color black, lol!

If you like what you see, the products are linked below!

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